Real testimonials

We are fans! At Urban Pets, we use the EquiGroomer every day and in a professional way and we can not do without it
I do not exchange it for any other!
I discovered this product by chance, but I decided to buy it because it seemed diferent to me. Even for short-haired dogs, the difference is noticeable. Very easy to use, convenient and with immediate results. I shared the product on my page to encourage others to use it. A simple gesture when it's a pleasure to take care.
equigroomer para su perro
Just a simple brush, I thought when I bought it, it will not change anything. But, to tell the truth, at home, dogs are 100% cleaner and the horse this winter did not even have the big coat, typical at this time of the year. So, I have to thank EquiGroomer
With the EquiGroomer my dog does not look big anymore. Previously, to brush it, I had to give him treats to distract him and not to be bitten. Now, brushing is a pleasure for him and for me. He even puts himself in certain positions to be brushed
equigroomer para su perro
I received my EquiGroomer today! I bought it because I have a black dog and a white floor! You can not imagine the headache and the hours lost with the vacuum !! I have already removed a large tuft of hair! Thank you, I loved it.
equigroomer para su perro
Okay, so how can I start? I'll start with the work I had, the hair scattered all over the house. I used the vacuum every day, it was not an option, but a need. One day, at lunch time, I found this brush and did some research on the internet. So I decided to buy it. It was probably my best buy. I am completely satisfied and I recommend it to all those who have animals. And the problem of hair everywhere at home? It's finish.
I discovered this product from a friend who told me she bought a "magic" brush, because we took several hours brushing the horses that came from the meadow and rolled in the mud. In addition, during the winter, it was complicated because the hairs were longer. Finally, I tried the EquiGroomer, which made a big difference and reduced working hours and brushes that did not work. The EquiGroomer is not only a cleaning tool, my horses love to be brushed, it’s always a funny time!
equigroomer para su perro
I never really believed in" miraculous brushes" but I decided to try the EquiGroomer ... I love it, I love it, I love it. All the mud that took days to come out in 15 minutes, the brushes full of dead hair, it's over, and I ended up with a horse, a dog and a guinea pig, bright and clean! Aside from the fact that they like to be brushed, I have horses that drool even while I brush them! Since I bought it, 3 other people wanted one, thank you for all the work you took away and the hours I gained without brushing, thank you EquiGroomer
equigroomer para su perro
I discovered the EquiGroomer on Christmas Eve while surfing on Facebook. But what a Christmas gift !!! It works better than all the other brushes and my 4-legged kids are now even more beautiful!
Great fan! On a labrador it makes miracles!
I loved the experience! It really works on my labrador!
It was the solution found that allowed Kika to have a fantastic coat and no longer have dead hair.
At home and at Look Animal, we use it every day, it is essential. Super convenient.
I just love it. I knew this product at the SPA where Asterix and Zaya are used to go for bathing. I bought it a year ago and I have not changed it for any other, it really makes miracles on both.