The EquiGroomer

She loves her animals but they are hanging out all over her house …

Now you are looking for a brush that is safe, not too costly and something your pet will love …

A brush that you can use on your dog, cat, rabbit or horse and that will not damage your hair or scratch your skin …

It’s time to throw out that old brush and replace it with a brush that will really be worth it.

EquiGroomer is the best grooming brush on the market because it removes dead hair and dandruff without damaging or damaging both the skin and even the most sensitive skin.

It is different from other brushes that use blades with teeth, pins or bristles that often cause discomfort or stress. EquiGroomer’s mildly toothed hardened steel blade removes only dead hair, leaving the hair soft and clean.

The 13 cm model is ideal for dogs and cats. You can use the brush as often as you want, depending on your pet’s needs.

The 23 cm model is perfect for horses. Use it during the hair fall period and throughout the year as a maintenance tool to keep the hair clean and shiny.

EquiGroomer is not recommended for long-haired dogs and cats, with a tendency to win us.

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